NCDB is a 501c3, non-profit youth baseball development organization for players ages 8 to 18 that have the skills, work ethic, dedication, and desire to play baseball beyond high school regardless of the financial status of a player and his family.

The organization was founded by individuals fortunate to have had success in professional and collegiate baseball as a way of giving back to the game.  NCDB was established as a non-profit due to the founder's concern over the rising cost of elite level instruction and participation.  NCDB is one of the few, if only, development and/or recruiting assistance programs in the region that is not focused on maximizing revenue or profit. Volunteer service, donors, and sponsors are the backbone of the organization.

NCDB helps younger players develop their physical skills and teaches the mental approach to the game.  For older players, our staff also helps guide them through the college recruiting process and uses our vast network of relationships throughout collegiate baseball to assist the players with placement in a college program.
Identify and develop players with teachable attitudes and strong baseball skills and, to prepare and expose those with the required skills for collegiate and/or professional playing opportunities. We will do this in the most affordable way possible without regard for profit.  We will conduct ourselves in a first-class manner, instill in the players discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, honesty, integrity, and respect for the game, teammates, coaches, competitors and officials.
Training and development of players is the prime focus of the organization. It is our belief that a player’s long term success is dictated on their ability and skills development and not whether we win every tournament we play. While our goal is to win each and every time we take the field, we will not sacrifice a player’s health, safety or his development in exchange for winning a trophy. Health and safety is a top priority of NCDB and all NCDB team coaches follow strict guidelines to prevent immediate injuries and overuse that can lead to long-term health issues.  

Talent is common, however tremendous work ethic and strong character are harder to identify. These are the attributes we place emphasis on. Our program is not for everyone. As a developmental program, strong willed players and parents will feel uncomfortable in our program. We are designed for players and parents who see the "big picture,” realize there is always something to learn, and focus on the long-term objective. 
15U - 18U
The schedule for the older age group teams is determined based on the high school schedules of the players and is primarily made up of showcase events during the months of June-August at locations up and down the East Coast.  A limited fall schedule is also played.

8U - 14U
The coach of each team ultimately determines the tournament and event schedule for that team but as organizational policy, for health and safety reasons, NCDB teams will play a maximum of 18 events annually.  All teams 14U and under are expected to practice at least two times per week.  For illustrative purposes, the following is a typical schedule:
  • January (mid):  Indoor workouts
  • February: Indoor/outdoor workouts
  • March: 1 or 2 tournaments
  • April: 2 or 3 tournaments
  • May: 3 tournaments
  • June: 3 tournaments
  • July: 1 or 2 tournaments
  • August:  No tournaments / limited practice
  • September: 2 or 3 tournaments
  • October:  2 or 3 tournaments
  • November:  OFF
  • December:  OFF