Since 2011, NCDB's outdoor practice facility has been located at 9200 Strickland Road in Raleigh near the intersection with Six Forks Road.  With a long-term, exclusive, land lease agreement, NCDB is one of a very small number of development/travel organizations in North Carolina with its own dedicated practice venue.

As a development-focused organization, NCDB places great emphasis on having a quality instructional facility for its players and goes to great lengths to keep it maintained and in top condition.

NCDB board member and Durham Bulls head groundskeeper Scott Strickland provides oversight on major facility projects and daily maintenance is under the supervision of Jim McCallum.

In 2014, the infield was rebuilt with 50 tons of new infield clay and the foul territory collars around the infield were resodded.  In 2015, the outfield was completely refurbished.

During the winter months and times of continuous inclement weather, the organization moves to indoor facilities, through an use agreement with Pro 3:5 Sports in North Raleigh.

Jim McCallum provides daily supervision of facility maintenance
The facility includes seperate pitching instuctional are with regulation mound and multi-plate catcher's area set at various distances
Multiple batting cage / soft toss / tee work stations are part of the facility
50 tons of new infield clay mix was installed
Sod from the outfield and crushed brick from the warning track was removed Durham Bulls Athletic Park and installed in the collars and apron area around the infield
The existing outfield grass was removed and the playing surface was smoothed
A new irrigation system for the outfield grass was installed
A combination of sod and seed was used to create the new outfield and the irrigation system, and other efforts such as top-dressing (shown above) help to create an exceptional playing surface