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​Wakefield High School
2200 Wakefield Pines Dr,
Raleigh, NC 27614

David Holder
Team Contacts
August 1, 2019 - July 31, 2020 Age Year
David Holder   (Team Elite American 2021)
Kevin Scarsone   (Team Elite American 2022) ​​
Manny Beltran   (Team Elite American 2023)  ​  
Jacob Wolfe   (​​​​Team Elite American 2023 Gray)   ​
Vinnie Romano   (Team Elite American 2024)
Jory Coughenour   (Team Elite American 2025) ​​
Jim Wisler   (​​​​NCDB 12U)    j ​​
Edwin Ganao   (​​​​​NCDB 12U-2)
Chris Hlavacek   (​​NCDB 12U-3)
Johnny Woody   (​​​​​NCDB 11U)
Steve Sebastian   (​​​NCDB 10U)
Chad Greer   (​​​​​​​​NCDB 10U-2)
Brian Goodwin   (​​​​NCDB 9U)  ​ 
Ray Ohrel  (​​​​​​NCDB 8U)
Raymond Allen   (Team Elite American 2024 Gray)   ​

Coaching Opportunities with ​​​NCDB

Individuals with college and / or professional playing or coaching experience that are interested in coaching should apply to join the NCDB team.  Qualified individuals who want to becoming part of the NCDB development organization, should send a note summarizing your baseball experience and level of interest to David Holder at ​​ .  Team coaching and organizational specialist postions are available.